Turn: Washington’s Spies series finale sneak peek: Cicero’s escape

Washington's Spies series finaleThere are a number of ways that you can view the Turn: Washington’s Spies series finale, with the main one being the end of an era. The war is ending, and the time for America is at hand. The historical significance of this cannot be overstated, though we imagine many viewers are more than aware of this. The Culper Ring has succeeded in many facets of their quest, and they can not embrace an opportunity to bask in their victory for a little.

Now that we’ve said that, you can also argue that this is a show just as much about the individuals. It’s not a portrait of the entire Revolutionary War, but of the people who worked to turn the tide during it. It’s not trying to be all-encompassing or to give you a sense of every major player. That’s why we’re viewing this finale more as an opportunity to say goodbye to some of the familiar faces we’ve come to know and less as a chance to just see the conclusion of a battle.

The sneak peek below gives you a sense of one of these key players as of late in Cicero, as he and Jordan do their part in order to escape the battlefield. Watching the journey of this young man has shown itself to be beyond outstanding. Think about how important he’s been — he was a tie between Abe Woodhull and Peggy as she learned about the plot against Benedict Arnold, and he’s far surpassed his social status as a black man in a time where slavery ran rampant around the country. This is a character who deserves a great deal of credit within the world of the show. We cannot speak for historical accuracy with him or many others, but the idea of this show is more of a celebration of the unsung heroes than an accurate portrayal of every single person who changed the game. Because these people were spies, leaving a paper trail wasn’t always their top priority. Cicero is indicative of some of the people who found themselves in a difficult spot in the midst of the conflict, and still found a way to survive.

Through the series finale, we expect a sense of closure for these characters — but also a new beginning for the story of America. This is a never-ending story in some ways, given that the subject at hand is people doing what they need to in order to fight back against opposing forces. Whether it be spies in the public or private sector today, much of this is still happening. It’s the technology that has become far more sophisticated along the way.

What do you anticipate coming up in the Turn: Washington’s Spies series finale, and how will you remember this show as a whole? Share in the attached comments!

Meanwhile, head over here if you do want to book some additional insight into what’s coming in the series finale. (Photo: AMC.)

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