The Sinner episode 3 spoilers: Ambrose’s revelation; Mason takes action

The Sinner episode 3As you move into The Sinner episode 3 airing on USA next week, the show won’t waste much time picking up where tonight left off. Ambrose will be continuing to pursue the newest information handed down. There’s a song that clearly makes Cora explode, and he’s also becoming all the more aware of the fact that she has a history of lying about her past.

What he did figure out is that there is some sort of pattern that comes when the music plays, and it’s almost Pavlovian — she doesn’t know that she is doing it, and she simply acts out whenever she hears it. That’s the starting-off point, but there is still the question about why she is hearing that, who developed this within her, and to what end. The same goes for why Cora would choose to fabricate things, or if she genuinely believed on some level that the things that she was saying were true. Either way, this is probably the beginning of a super-interesting mystery that’s going to continue to develop.

Here’s what we can offer for you now: A short synopsis via the folks at USA.

The Sinner episode 3 spoilers – “Ambrose unearths a startling secret about Cora that changes the course of the investigation; Mason takes matters into his own hands.”

When it comes to Mason, can you really blame the man? You just have to remember that he’s so confused about almost everything that he’s hearing at the moment. This is someone who doesn’t have a sense, seemingly, of anything that is happening around him. His wife is very different from the woman that he thought she was. He orchestrated a meeting tonight with the man who supposedly assaulted her and got her pregnant — provided that this story actually checks out. Getting some of these answers should set the foundation for everything that we learn from here.

Do we expect more twists? Certainly so, and the preview that we got following the episode showcased that there are a few more reveals that are still going to be coming. For example, we’ll start to understand more of the history of religion in Cora’s life, what it meant to her, and also from here how many more secrets there are that she is hiding. The best thing about the show right now may just be the pace — we’re 25% of the way through the journey right now, and so far it’s been very much engrossing. Let’s just hope that it remains that way the entirety of the way through. The ratings started off strong, so hopefully they also stay at around that level.

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