Zoo season 3 episode 7 spoilers: The search for Issac

Zoo season 3 episode 7When Zoo season 3 episode 7 airs on CBS next week, there will be once again many priorities. With that said, the search for Isaac tops the list. This week, we learned that all of the children of Reiden Global have vanished yet again, but the team is hot on the trail for them. Also important: Mitch didn’t lash out at Dariela for turning over his daughter Clementine. That situation was effective defused on this week’s episode, and that’s a good thing given that there were so many ways in which we could’ve seen that go south.

If you look below, you can get a few more details regarding what is coming…

Zoo season 3 episode 7 synopsis – “The team sets out on a rescue mission for Abe and Dariela’s son, Isaac (Jesse Muhoozi). Then, in search of information on a new hybrid, Mitch and Jamie travel to California, where they cross paths with a familiar face from their past.”

Obviously, the big selling point of this episode from a CBS standpoint is the GIANT SNAKE MONSTER that was featured in the promo for the episode. Horrifying, especially if you hate snakes. We’ll personally take that over a spider monster, but everything is in many ways subjective in that regard.

Also we saw a brief glimpse of Max Morgan! Mitch’s oh so charming father that was SO charming he actually charmed away Mitch’s girlfriend at one point and made her into Mitch’s step mom (how weird is that?).

Beyond that, the story that has us on edge the most at the moment is learning more of the truth regarding Mitch Morgan, who was revealed tonight to be Mr. Duncan, Abigail’s secret right-hand man and the person responsible for causing some of the chaos in the first place. We would like for this episode to explain what some of the mechanics of this are, including how it came about, how often Mitch was forced into this role, and if it is still possible for him to assume it? Is he now free from whatever control she has on him? It’s not hard to figure out why she would want to use him: He is one of the most brilliant scientists in existence, and she knew that mind control was probably one of the most effective ways that she could use him in order to properly do her bidding.

Oh, and we should also mention that the promo features more of Abigail’s crazy rantings, with her stating this time around that she is ready to start using humans as experiments for her hybrids rather than the other way around. She wants to rule over her creation, and while Mitch is worth saving, we certainly don’t think she is. (Is anyone else out there just biding their time now and waiting for a big confrontation between her and Jackson? We’re already six episodes into the season!)

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