Power season 4 episode 6 reaction: Series boss on multiple deaths

Power season 4By far, you can call Power season 4 episode 6 an episode ripe with destruction. Tommy’s emotional walls were certainly destroyed. He murdered the man who sexually assaulted Holly when she was a little girl. Meanwhile, Kanan destroyed both Jukebox and their plan to murder Tariq when he realized that he cared for this kid far more than he was letting on. To some extent, he actually saw himself in Tariq and couldn’t do away with that.

Oh, and there was also another murder that took place when Julio found himself killed around midway through the hour.

When it came right down to it, this episode was really all about big decisions, and somehow, it was able to feature them without even bringing out Angela or any of the prosecutors from this past episode. In a new video segment that aired after this episode (entitled “New Man”), executive producer Courtney A. Kemp went through everything that took place. Take a look at some of the quotes below.

On Ghost (Omari Hardwick) realizing that he was stuck with Simon Silver (Victor Garber) – “This scene in Truth is one of the best scenes they’ve ever done together. They have a great time playing [metaphorical] tennis.”

On what happened to Julio – “Once Ghost gets out, we have to pay [some things off] for the audience … We literally had to make this episode work in sections. This episode of full of death! … This is where really you start to see Dre turn super-dark. Ghost being out of the game hurts Julio; [he’s the person] he leaves behind. Tommy can fend for himself. He’s psycho.”

On Tommy’s storyline – “When this storyline was initially conceived, this was an all-Tommy episode. We really wanted to talk about how does Tommy feel at the moment where he thinks he is going to die … [His kill for the sake of Holly] seems like [it] comes out of nowhere … It’s a weird way [to cope], but it’s Tommy’s way.”

On the big Kanan ending – “I wish I could hear the screams of the audience when Kanan just jumps on Ghost [during the episode]. This whole plan to ruin Ghost’s life, this whole thing came out of this revenge fantasy and it’s really all messed-up now. Kanan has grown so close to Tariq that he picks Tariq over himself [and his] his desire to kill Ghost … On some level, these two men still care about each other.”

Those two men are still out there, and next week we’ll come to learn a little bit more in regards to how the two of them recover from all of this and press forward into their future.

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