Arrow season 6: Who is Vigilante? Apparently, they’re familiar

Who is VigilanteIn the midst of all of the other hype that’s been going on for Arrow season 6, it’s admittedly a little bit easy to forget about the whole “who is Vigilante?” mystery. The masked villain is one of the most notable adversaries in the show, but alas, we’re really not that much closer to getting answered on them than we were when we last saw them in season 5. (Vigilante did prove to have a certain degree of sense last season, as he stopped showing up places after Prometheus made it very clear that him doing so could lead do his death.)

In the comics, Adrian Chase was Vigilante, and that created a rather big surprise for many when they learned that he was actually Prometheus instead. The important thing that you should know is that one way or another, you’ve seen Vigilante turn up on the show before. Here’s what executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say on that subject recently at Comic-Con, per the folks over at Cinema Blend:

“We’re big believers that if you have a mystery. Like some kind of ‘whodunit’ or ‘Who is the Vigilante? Who is it?’ It’s always really unsatisfying if the answer to the mystery is ‘Yeah, some person you’ve never seen before.’ So you can probably expect that whoever’s behind that mask is a face that is familiar to you.”

We’ve heard a wide array of different candidates discussed among fans in the past, with everyone from a different iteration of Adrian Chase to Tommy Merlyn to Curtis’ now-ex Paul. This one is still the one that makes the most sense to us, given that it helps us to understand why he wouldn’t want Curtis to be out there fighting crime as Mr. Terrific. Yet, we also don’t understand why he would have such a vendetta that he would take this extreme a viewpoint on fighting people who he would consider to be on the wrong side of the law. You’ve also got out there some people with law-enforcement connections, whether it be Captain Pike or even Billy Malone, who seem well-trained enough to strap on the guns. (Sure, Billy’s apparently dead, but that has never stopped people in the Arrow-verse from showing up before.)

We have also heard some theories here and there that suggest that we could see Susan Williams under the mast, but that just seems unlikely given the character has the build of a man, and we’ve never gotten the sense that this was her point in the story. We would be a little less surprised if it was Paul or Captain Pike, especially since the latter has clearly had some frustrations over just how effective that he can be while stopping crime in an official capacity.

For the time being, who do you think is the most-likely Vigilante contender with Arrow? Be sure to share some further thoughts on the subject below!

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