Supergirl season 3: See Chyler Leigh, Melissa Benoist back together!

Chyler LeighThere’s something very sweet / touching about seeing people back together for the start of filming; the new Chyler Leigh – Melissa Benoist photo is proof!

The Supergirl season 3 photo below was taken from Leigh’s Instagram, and it made it clear that on her first day back, she was getting a chance to shoot a Danvers sisters scene with none other than her co-star Melissa. That absolutely feels right, given that their relationship is at the center of the show more so than any romance, any villain, or any flashy red cape.

Granted, we’re sure that there will be plenty of all of that in the future, as well … even if there is some romantic ambiguity surrounding almost every couple on the show at the moment. While Floriana Lima reducing her role this season, we’re going to see less of Maggie and Alex together — that doesn’t mean that they are splitting up, but it is still important to note. Meanwhile, we’re also going to be seeing the future of Kara and Mon-El up in the air thanks to the sole fact that he’s off somewhere in the ether after what happened with Rhea. Do we think that he’ll come back? Probably in time, but it’s a challenge that the show has to figure out among many others.

For Kara and Alex, both know that no matter what they go through, they’ve got each other to lean on — and that’s important since there is a significant source of stress coming their way in the form of Reign (Odette Annable), who carries with her a powerful and potentially-tragic backstory. Depending on how the show decides to explore her origins, this is effectively a character who from the jump has been bred to be one thing more so than any other: A destroyer of worlds. She’ll be tasked to do the same thing here, and the task in turn for the other main characters is to determine if there is something more to her beyond this depiction, or if this is a cause beyond saving. (We’re of course basing this off of a personal prediction that Reign would want to be saved — she may enjoy what she does, and it’s that fact alone that makes her so tragic.)

New episodes of Supergirl start airing on The CW in October, so we envision that many more super-sweet Kara / Alex moments are on the way.

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