Big Brother 19 premiere review: Meet the houseguests, Den of Temptation

Big Brother 19 premiereThe Big Brother 19 premiere on CBS is here, and it’s every bit as crazy and silly as we would hope. There is something to the ridiculous commitment by production to giving us montage of people reacting to their keys. Also, there’s something maddening about focusing so much on showmances on THE VERY FIRST NIGHT. None of these things will matter in a few days.

Before we do anything else, we want to give you the lowdown on the 16 houseguests taking part this season.

Christmas – She can apparently do just about everything. She does Crossfit, has been in a pit crew, and has written a book.

Jason a.k.a. Whistlenut – He’s a goofball. He also has zero chance of ending this season $500,000 richer.

Alex – Apparently, she loves to stab things — great addition to the Big Brother house, no?

Kevin – The Kevin edit is apparently the “I’m in the mafia” edit. He’s the oldest person in the game.

Dominique the Dominator – She “loves her some god.” Also, her god YouTube videos look like things you’d see on public assess television.

Mark – His parents passed when he was little, so he’s doing this for his grandparents. He also loves Fifty Shades of Grey.

Elena – She’s a radio personality, and she also thinks her mouth sill get her into some trouble.

Ramses – Cosplay nerd. Probably more relatable than anyone else on this season.

Cody – He’s a Marine who apparently doesn’t wear a shirt under his vest. Also, he’s apparently a wannabe MacGyver. Take that, Lucas Till!

Raven – Apparently, she’s a part of a female Ghostbusters team.

Josh – He’s a hustler, he’s loud, and he’s probably gone within a few weeks.

Megan – She’s also a veteran, and she’s also a former military interrogator.

Cameron – He’s an athletic nerd, which may make him one of the most dangerous superfans in the show’s history.

Jessica – Her swimsuit montage was as predictable as Mark’s shirtless montage. Silent superfan.

Matt – He wants to use his gray hair as an advantage. We feel like once people see his abs, that won’t matter all that much.

Jillian – Apparently, she got weight-loss surgery in Tijuana, which sounds like some sort of Hangover movie.

Within the house

The first person to enter the house was Alex, which means that per statistics she’s going to be the first person gone from the season without a doubt. The first obvious alliance was Ramses / Megan / Alex, which is most of the quirky people … except for Raven, who calls herself “quirky.” If you call yourself quirky, odds are you really aren’t.

The houseguests eventually all introduced themselves, and there are a few notable things here. Megan didn’t disclose his military history, Christmas downplayed her physical skills, and Dominique didn’t talk about her job as a nuclear engineer.

Summer of Temptation

This is the twist, and Julie Chen invited everyone out to the Garden of Temptation in order to learn a thing or two more about the twist in the game. From there, she asked a question: Who could use $25,000? If anyone presses a button, they win the money — but also unleash the first twist into the game. Given that nobody knows what the twist is, we’d push the button in a heartbeat.

In the end, Kevin was the one who pushed the button, and he learned that he was not eligible to win the first Head of Household. He would to have to throw it. The second? Well, that was awaiting the players inside…

Paul Abrahamian is back!

As speculated recently, the master of friendship and “fan favorite” from last summer is back for a little more craziness. Paul Abrahamian is back! Julie Chen sold him as the 17th houseguest entering the season, but it was pretty clear that someone will be leaving the game, and sooner rather than later.

Of course, everyone in the house was immediately interested in targeting him. Yet, they couldn’t … for now. He would be taking the place of one of the other players in the game, and there would be an eviction coming up. He also has a “friendship power” where he can name eight of them safe. The others will be up for eviction.

The Deliberation

We’re going now into hour two of the show, which started off with everyone trying to convince Paul (well, other than Cody) that they should stay in the game. Some did better than others — take Matt, who claimed that he could work “against him.”

The people he gave bracelets to were Elena, Raven, Dominique, Jessica, Ramses, Jason, Mark, and Kevin. They all can breathe easy, while the remaining eight get a chance to compete in a competition.

The Competition

This was a battle for endurance, and also a battle to grab the right apples in this Garden of Temptation. Some of them promise safety, while some of the others promise vulnerability with the vote. Cody promised that he was going to fight for his safety, and he did! Of course, he also did make himself into a stupid-giant target for no reason while playing some “psychological warfare.”

The people in danger following the challenge included Jillian, Cameron, and Christmas. You had two big threats, and then Jillian.

The third twist

Here’s where things started to get truly crazy: Julie Chen offered up the houseguests a chance to either have an eviction vote, or compete in one final competition. For some reason, Christmas voted for a house vote! Totally bizarre, given that she would probably win against Jillian.

In the end, it didn’t hurt Christmas too much — Cameron was evicted. You can read more over at the link here. We feel for the kid, but the show must go on and it will with a new twist entitled the Den of Temptation. We’re voting for Josh just because he’ll be hilarious with power.

Final Verdict

Let’s be frank: We love Paul as entertainment. However, putting him on this season seems like a waste, given that you’ve already got a great cast around him. There’s also someone we’re going to be missing out on seeing on the live feeds, which is a bummer.

Is the twist great drama? Sure, but it’s unfair to someone and not needed. We’ll give it a chance to see how it plays out; at the very least, the cast this season otherwise seems fun. Why lose Cameron now? ARGH. Grade: B-.

What did you think about the Big Brother 19 premiere, and the return of Paul to the game? Share below!

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