Elementary season 5 spoilers: The woman from Sherlock’s past is…

Sherlock's pastWhen CBS released earlier this spring that a mystery woman from Sherlock’s past would be returning to Elementary, we of course had our hopes. Could Moriarty actually be back on the show in some capacity? It’s reasonable to want that to happen, but that doesn’t seem to be who the producers had in mind ultimately for the end of the season.

Instead, here is what we can tell you about this new mystery addition to the show, at least based on some of the intel that is out there courtesy of executive producer. Take a look at what he had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“We’re going to meet a woman from Sherlock’s past, someone we meet over the course of a support group meeting … It’s someone who Sherlock will know, but the audience won’t. We’ll use these two episodes [at the end of the season] to tell a story of who she is and why she’s significant to him. It’s difficult to say exactly what kind of a relationship she has with Sherlock. Is there or was there a romantic involvement? She and Sherlock have some overlapping damage. There’s also something that will seem potentially malevolent. What interested me most about introducing this woman is that she’s someone that I think our audience probably assumed they would never get to see.”

It’s that latter statement that has us the most intrigued about whoever this woman could be, and what she means to the overall course of this season … and maybe the series. We know that the season 5 finale was not written to be a series finale, but they had to have some sort of awareness that it could end up being just that. Therefore, we figure that there is probably some element of satisfaction that comes out of watching the episode … unless the writers really just wanted to swing for the fences and come up with the ballsiest ending known to mankind.

Ultimately, we suppose that we’ll learn more about the show’s future soon, given the fact that we’re at that time of the year now where networks start to decide on the future of some of their series. This is something that we personally are going to keep a close watch on over time.

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Meanwhile, be sure to sound off with your thoughts about this story, and this mystery woman of Sherlock’s, in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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