Better Call Saul season 3 episode 4 sneak peek: Mike and Stacey talk

Better Call Saul season 3The Better Call Saul season 3 episode 4 sneak peek on the surface seems to be about Mike’s latest stake-out; it turns into more.

One of the things that the show hadn’t addressed too much going into this season was the state of the relationship between Mike and Stacy / Kaylee. They were one of the reasons why he picked up this terrible life he finds himself in; yet, eventually he sticks with it. Much like with Walter White, we do think that there is a part of him that enjoys it and refuses to let that go. It’s what leads to his death, one of the biggest tragedies of the show just because Mike knew better. We could go off on a very different tangent here, but more than anyone within this world Mike knew what sort of fate awaited criminals and those who got wrapped up in these sort of organizations. Nevertheless, he kept up what he was doing to the point where he found himself dead at the hands of Walter White. It became about him finding a place in the world, even if it was the darkest corner of the darkest world.

This dinner invite from Stacy and Kaylee, who are now in a better part of town, is the one bit of light Mark has while he stalks out Hector and his crew after picking a side in the war going on between Hector and Gus Fring. The scene is quiet, haunting, and determined — it’s a vintage Mike scene from this season, and we get a feeling that this will be a big Mike episode given that we’re seeing Stacy and Kaylee once more. They’ll help to ground him, and in the process of seeing them some of Mike’s humanity comes out again. That was one of the things that was still remarkable about him as a character — even if he had an inescapable draw to the darkness, he could still flip off the switch when with his family. That contrasted him from Walter White, who never quite shed the Heisenberg skin when he was back around his family once he put it on.

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