Chicago Fire season 5 episode 19 review: The state of Severide, Anna

Chicago Fire season 5 episode 19 reviewWho knew going into this season of Chicago Fire that we’d end up being so invested in a relationship that wasn’t even in the universe until a few episodes into the season?

We’re speaking of course about Severide and Anna, a relationship that began with Kelly deciding to donate bone marrow to her as a good Samaritan. Now, we cares for her dearly, and the revelation tonight that her cancer was back was devastating. She left the dinner with Benny because she couldn’t handle the idea of going about life. She was devastated, and she struggled to listen to anyone or think about anything other than her own grim future.

Severide eventually did get through to her to convince her to fight, bringing her a drawing from her job featuring Becca, a patient that she looked after on a regular basis in the pediatric ward. That, plus Kelly’s support, made her realize that she did need to keep fighting.

Anna was told that her odds of surviving all of this are very low, and we certainly and unfortunately think that this is accurate. Just look at the situation that she’s in — the odds are against her, and this show is not a fantasy. The story of Anna and Severide could be one where he learns humility, the value in another’s life, and the true meaning of unconditional love. If she dies, maybe this makes him better equipped to be a stronger person down the lines.

Now that we’ve said that, we would very much prefer that she survives. Plus, Charlotte Sullivan is great and we’d love for her to be around as long as possible. (Side note: We did recently speak to Charlotte, so we suggest that you take a closer look at that interview over here.)

The story of Jason Kannell

The arrival of this character, a longtime friend of Matthew Casey, proved to be interesting in its own right just from the vantage point of wrestling with guilt and understanding allegiances. It also dealt with the ramifications of an accident in a way that is not often portrayed on the show. There was moral ambiguity, but this in part was what made it so interesting — many of these stories are ultimately so much better when you don’t know precisely where they will end up landing.

We know that this is not the last time we will see Kannell on the show, and that feels right since he’s a character with a lot of potential and someone the writers could do a lot with. He may carry with him a heavy heart after what he went through here, but maybe he will also consider this a learning experience

Overall, we’d say that this was an important episode of the show, one about both dealing with hard times and also trying to move forward from them. It may not always be easy, but it is always important. Grade: B+.

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