Legends of Tomorrow season 3: Are Arthur Darvill, Wentworth Miller leaving?

Arthur DarvillWill Arthur Darvill and Wentworth Miller return for Legends of Tomorrow season 3 after the events of Tuesday night’s finale? This is the question for the hour. Unfortunately, it’s not a question that we have a firm answer to at the moment.

At the moment, it does appear that Miller in general could be done, given that it’s hard to see him coming back as Leonard Snart. Mick Rory put him back into the timeline in 2014, and put him on the path that led to him dying at the end of season 1. He wiped his brain, and effectively restored the timeline. With him seemingly dead in the present, it looks like this is all of his story.

Then again, we’ve certainly seem characters played by Miller before find a way to return after being presumed dead…

As for Darvill, we think it’s far more feasible that we see him turn up, though the show offered up a good bit of meta-commentary with Rip Hunter saying that the team functioned better without him. We do think that Sara’s blossomed into her own as the Captain, but we loved season 2 Rip far more than we did season 1 Rip. He was a character who was fascinating to watch, and we hope that he comes back. It’s always possible that you bring Rip in for an episode or two, and what we do really like about that idea in particular is that it offers up an opportunity to get an update on what he’s up to and continue his interactions with Gideon. Remember when Rip kissed Gideon earlier this season? It was one of the strangest moments in the show’s history, but somehow it worked at the same time.

As for the remainder of the main cast, it does feel as though everyone else is going to be coming back. Even Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who didn’t appear as though she’d be back given that Amaya “died” on the show last week, was back and there at the end of season 2. The episode ended with the team facing their new reality in Los Angeles with dinosaurs(!), and we’ll have to wait and see precisely what that means for the future of the show and the story.

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