One Chicago ‘ships: Lindseride, Lindsay (Chicago PD), Severide (Chicago Fire)

LindserideMrs. Carter: Is Lindseride a pairing we can get behind?

We’re going to be taking a look at some of the biggest crossover ‘ships on TV this month, and when it comes to the One Chicago franchise, there are few bigger ones out there in terms of popularity. Erin Lindsay of Chicago PD and Kelly Severide of Chicago Fire already have a history, and it even played out a little bit earlier this season. Within this article, we want to try and figure out further what worked for them, what didn’t, and where we could see the series go from here with the two characters.

What worked for the two – A lot of it stems solely from passion. These are two characters with big hearts, and two characters who will do with they can to fight for their jobs. They’ve both had a troubled past, and through that, they probably found some common ground. They can each be lighthearted on occasion, serious at others, and they will give their all year in and year out in order to ensure that they get what they want out of their lives.

What went wrong? – You can argue that they’re too passionate at what they do that they didn’t have time for each other, and that may be a part of it. Beyond just the specific events, though, we just see them as people who need something a little bit different than what the other was able to provide during their relationship. The two need almost calming influences, and people who can help them conquer some issues from their past. Maybe you can argue that they relate to each other a little too much, and you don’t necessarily want that in a partner in every way.

Chances of a reunion – Highly unlikely. They did have some good moments as a couple, but we feel like there are stronger cases for Lindsay with Jay Halstead and Severide with either Anna or Stella. Logistically, it also makes some more sense to have love interests that can appear more frequently on each other’s shows, even though we’ve got examples of crossover bonds working with the franchise (see Platt and Mouch).

Lessons to be learned – With these two, it was mostly about figuring out more of what they need from life. We’d say that Lindsay is slightly further along than Severide in that mission right now, but he’s getting there courtesy of everything with Anna, who remains a good influence for him in terms of him being his best self. Even there, though, he needs to be sure to not get caught up in the fantasy of the romance to the point of forgetting who he is and his past.

Did you like the Lindseride relationship in the One Chicago series? What are some of the takeaways to you? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here to get a preview now for what is coming up on Tuesday night’s new Chicago Fire episode. (Photo: NBC.)

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