TV Madness: Once Upon a Time and MacGyver square off

Today’s match-up in our TV Madness tournament series is going to be rather interesting. After all, we’ve got the reigning runner-up from the tournament facing off against a newcomer, but it’s one that could prove to be quite a threat. We have a feeling that Once Upon a Time and MacGyver up against each other could be competitive. If nothing else, we imagine that it’s going to be rather fun! You’ve got a fairy-tale drama up against a guy who also has a unique ability to make the impossible possible — he just uses random stuff that he finds in order to make it happen.

As the graphic above indicates, voting for this category is going to remain open until we get around to March 16. The winner here will face off against whoever wins between Law & Order: SVU and Supernatural, which is the other showdown that we’re focusing on in a separate article today. (Once we get to the second round, we’ll scale things down to doing one article a day.)

Once Upon a Time (#3 seed) – What we have here is the case of a show that is really imaginative, but also one with great characters and an inspirational quality to it. There are few other series out there that pack as much content into a season, and who have a following as loyal. This is why it wasn’t a surprise to see it perform as well as it did last year — but, like we said, it’s got more competition this time around, and it has a longer road since we’ve expanded this out to 32 shows.

MacGyver (#6 seed) – With this show, meanwhile, we’ve got a newcomer that certainly has a bigger following than the average first-year show. There are viewers out there who loved the original, who love its star Lucas Till, or love really anyone who is a part of the cast and crew. It’s got a lot going for it, especially when it comes to high-octane action and a lot of funny moments sprinkled in. It’s a bit of a wild-card since it is untested as a part of the tournament, but given that there are people loyal enough to stay in on a Friday night and watch it, there may also be people loyal enough to come out and vote for it.

Now, we’re turning this showdown over to you! Vote however often you want in the attached poll, and let us know in the comments why you’re supporting one show over the other.

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