Will Bill Paxton be included in 2017 Oscars’ In Memoriam?

Paxton -

Tonight, the 2017 Oscars are airing on ABC, and we understand that this is a time of celebration by and large. There are so many movies that must be honored, and performers, writers, and directors who have done extraordinary work.

Beyond all of that, this is also a time to reflect on the multitude of great performers who have left us over the past year — and this is a more difficult year than most. Already this past year the world lost Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Gene Wilder, and many others. Today, the news was confirmed that we also lost Bill Paxton. The famed Titanic actor, known recently for some TV roles included Training Day (pictured above) and Big Love, passed away following some complications from surgery. It was a death no one saw coming, and it must be one that is difficult for so many to process.

Will the Academy find a way to honor him tonight? You do have to believe that the heart will be in the right place? Whether or not the show has an opportunity to include him in the In Memoriam segment remains to be seen. It is not a question of intention so much as it is a question of time, and finding a way to get him in the Oscars 2017 In Memoriam is tricky because of that. We hope that there is someone who is able to put an edit together to get him in there, but we won’t quite know until the show.

One thing that is assured is that one way or another, you can expect a tribute. It may just come from a performer / presenter who says something about his life and legacy. There is precedent for such a thing to happen if there is not time to include them elsewhere. We hope that in general on the Oscars tonight, there is the proper time given to tribute and reflect amidst the victories and whatever message the nominees wish to present.

Do you want to see Paxton included in the Oscars 2017 In Memoriam? Let us know below, as well as your thoughts and memories of the actor. (Photo: CBS.)

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