‘Celebrity Big Brother’ spoilers: New housemates will replace Ray J, Brandon Block


There is still an elimination coming tomorrow during the latest “Celebrity Big Brother” episode, but with that said, the show’s producers are clearly already doing their part to figure out what’s next — and how the show is going to be able to go on without Ray J and Brandon Block in the cast.

At the end of Thursday’s episode, there was a quick tease that two new players (at least — we could have another duo situation so technically three, and there are claims out there that it will be three) will be entering the house starting on Friday. There isn’t much news out there as to who they could be, but most signals point to this being a terrible weekend for anyone that remains. Despite already losing two people, it certainly doesn’t seem as though producers are going to be taking it easy on anyone who is still in the game.

One other interesting question is whether or not the show is going to be looking to either bring in newcomers to the game or more people who’ve been through this once before. Given that Ray and Brandon were both newbies, we’d prefer to see two other newbies enter the game to go along with it. There are probably plenty of desperate reality stars out there interested in taking part. If not them, then just look at some of the other “celebrities,” famous for other things, who’ve gone on to do reality TV here and there. Given the sort of money this show is giving people, it’s fairly easy to figure out why this would be a hot commodity for some.

Plus, it’s also not like you have to stay in the game all that long. One funny thing here is that the American non-celebrity version of the shows for a hundred days, and the winner of that show gets effectively half of what Ray J got just for showing up and staying for under a week of game time.

Who do you want to see entering the house on Friday? Let us know in the comments, and you can head over here now to read our full take on who should be evicted come tomorrow night. (Photo: Channel 5.)

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