‘Teen Wolf’ season 6, episode 6 preview: Theo’s value

Teen wolf -While Theo to date hasn’t been nearly as big of a factor on “Teen Wolf” as he was during season 5, some early indications suggest that we’re going to be seeing that change sooner rather than later.

In the sneak peek below courtesy of ScreenerTV, you can see the big return of Cody Christian to the show, as we see in turn that he holds some viral information: Stiles is still alive. Wherever he was knocked into at the end of season 5, apparently the Ghost Riders don’t have much jurisdiction there. He retains the entirety of his memories, and at the same time is rather stunned that nobody else seems to have any recollection of anything that happens. It’s confusing to him, and understandably so.

All of a sudden, here is a chance for Theo to have a little bit of redemption. We’re not sure if he wants this redemption, but the opportunity is there for him if he so chooses. As he is valuable to bringing Stiles back, maybe he can view this as an opportunity to bond further with some other members of the pack and forge a better path to the future. Also, maybe his recent imprisonment was enough of a reason for him to rethink many of his recent decisions.

Of course, we do think it’s hard for a tiger (or a chimera?) to change their stripes, and he’s used to being power-hungry and not altogether interested in following a heroic path. Therefore, it’s difficult to have a ton of confidence in him for the time being … but time will tell. As many fans of “Teen Wolf” out there know at the moment there is a lot of time between where we are now and the end of the series still.

What do you think: Is this a chance for Theo to redeem himself? Share in the comments below now, or head over here in the event you want some other news pertaining to “Teen Wolf” without delay. (Photo: MTV.)

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