‘Bones’ season 12 episode 11 review: An explosion and a cliffhanger

Bones season 12 episode 11 review

Only one episode left before the series finale of “Bones”! Can you believe it’s almost over? We knew that this season was only twelve episodes, but at the same time it still feels almost like the entire batch of episodes was stuck in a fast-forward machine.

Also, there were almost a full season’s worth of relationship developments in tonight’s penultimate episode. So much went down! Most of it was framed around Cam and Arastoo’s wedding, and there were several big decisions that were contemplated there as Cam considered whether or not she wanted to leave her job as she looked towards a lengthy vacation.

Aubrey, meanwhile, considered a move of his own to Los Angeles, but it became clear that in spite of his wishes, Jessica would not be joining him. Not only that, but she said that she was ready to break up with him.

Let’s hand down some other great news now when it comes to another key relationship: Angela’s pregnant! While she and Hodgins have absolutely been through hell for most of the past year or so, we’re starting to get to the point where they can see the other side of it towards some happiness and peace.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much peace when it came to what seems to be the final threat of the series in Kovac. The team learned that he was off potentially building a bomb, one that was significantly more powerful and dangerous than any that we’ve seen on the show so far. In between Kovac’s presence and an ominous tarot card that he drew, Booth was getting increasingly paranoid and desperate to help his wife in any way possible. He was even looking at Avalon’s tarot cards. (As harrowing as it was, wasn’t it nice to get Cyndi Lauper back one last time in some capacity?) Things only got worse when Booth started to see more and more signs that started to make him think that Avalon’s prophecy on this occasion may have been true.

In the end, Booth realized that the bomb was at the Jeffersonian, and he had to get everyone out of the building as fast humanly possible. Many of the recurring characters managed to get out of the Jeffersonian alive, but the same could not be said for some of the regulars. They were trapped inside, and Booth was left at the end of the episode to figure out how to defuse the bomb. He was successful, but that’s not the end of the road given that Kovac is still out there … and there were other bombs. We had an explosion, and then a huge cliffhanger. Who’s alive? We’ll learn next week.

Zack’s trial

The one other major story thread in this episode was learning whether or not Dr. Addy was able to find himself a free man. Hodgins tried to the full extent of his ability to help, but he was ultimately sent out after having an outburst. In the end, it was Brennan who came in with a last-minute plea to consider his past and his work with her.

While he wasn’t declared a free man by the end of the episode, he will not be sentenced to life. Instead, he will simply continue to serve out the remainder of his thirteen months.


By far, a heck of a great start to the two-part series finale. There were twists aplenty, happy moments, and then also a cliffhanger ending like no other that paves the way for the series finale rather effectively.

Episode grade:

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Bones” and how do you think it’s all going to end? Leave us a comment below with your hopes for the series finale. If you want to check out a preview of what’s coming up in the “Bones” series finale then click on the link here and check out our preview. (Photo: Fox)

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