‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Meet Ida Marie DeLosSantos, one mystery woman from Nick Viall’s season

Ida Marie -Every now and then, we get a contestant on “The Bachelor” that we don’t know much about before it starts, and this time around, Ida Marie DeLosSantos is one of them. We do think that she’s got a pretty outstanding name, and one that will be memorable if she’s ever referenced on the show.

Here’s the concern with Ida Marie: Based on the information that is online, we could easily see her being one of those people who either goes home very early, or lasts about three or four weeks and we don’t hear a lot from her. She may almost be too normal for her own good in a way. She’s not a model, not from Los Angeles, and doesn’t seem to be on the show for any sort of promotional reason. Maybe that’s great for Nick Viall? We’ll see…

Age – 23. Like we just said with Hailey (who is also 23), it’s a little young in theory for Nick, given that he’s 36. Yet, age can be only a number, and it really comes down to how you carry yourself more so than your specific age.

Occupation – Sales manager. Not the most notable job on the season, but it’s one where we could easily see people coming up to her and saying “OMG you were on The Bachelor?!!” non-stop for the next year or so.

Location – Harlingen, Texas. It’s a city in the southern part of the state, not far from South Padre Island and the Mexican border. It can also get incredibly hot down there during the summer! It’s a part of the state we don’t usually get representation from.

Things to know – Based on what we’ve seen online it seems like she’s into running, but by and large, she’s mostly off social media and we mostly have to use the ABC bio for reference. One of her favorite snacks is “Cheetos with a pickle,” with to us is the perfect example of two things that are very great on their own but terrible together. Meanwhile, she also loves Selena Gomez, thinks giraffes are beautiful animals, and has a tattoo of her father’s date of birth on her ribs in Roman numerals.

How is she actually going to do? – As we said earlier on, other than having a cool name there’s nothing else really notable about Ida Marie online. We like that someone like her was cast on the show, but it’s hard to envision that it went well for her. Otherwise, wouldn’t there be a little bit more buzz? Maybe she’s just really amazing at keeping secrets and ABC isn’t promoting her to throw us off.

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