‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 11 review: Team looks for disappearing Navy Commander

NCIS LA -On Sunday night, the viewers of “NCIS: Los Angeles” got into the holiday spirit. While Henrietta “Hetty” Lange’s team was working a case, the scenes of the holiday season were seen in the Los Angeles background. Even Venice Beach had a huge blow up Santa framed between the palm trees and blue sky in the opening scenes of the episode. Celebrating the holiday doesn’t mean ignoring the cases as the team of “NCIS: Los Angeles” agents seem to be working overtime, assigned to find out what happen with the disappearance of a Navy Lieutenant Commander.

At first glance the crime seems to be related to the victim’s Navy work with NSA of foreign cyber threats. Running down every lead, the team realizes it might have less to do with the victim and more to do with the victim’s boyfriend, who is a journalist. Writing a piece about corruption around the world, the man had a list revealing rich individuals who are taking advantage and breaking the laws. The bad guys look to make the boyfriend keep quiet by trading him (and his list) for the life of the girlfriend.

Tracking down the boyfriend, the agents are able to locate the much-wanted documents before the bad guys get them. Yet, keeping this situation quiet isn’t Hetty’s first choice as she has a plan to force the finding of the victim by using a megaphone. Instead of burying the documents, they actually blast the documents out for everyone to see. The result is finding the Navy commander faster and still very much alive.

On the episode, Bar Paly returns as Anna Kolcheck to help with the team while Kensi Blythe continues her recovery. While it’s unclear who will stay (and who might go), the chance to see both characters really spiced up the episode for the viewers. Each story line allows fans to see the struggle that the team is facing in different ways. It’s obvious that Kensi feels she might not be allowed back on the job, but her coworkers are pulling for her and it’s bound to happen.

The final minutes of the episode have the team celebrating the holiday and sharing a little seasonal cheer. While Hetty is still looking for the mole, her focus at the moment is making sure the team is taken care of. With roughly less than a month to find the mole, the clock is ticking. Hetty will be forced to retire if the mole isn’t found and it appears the person (or people) are extremely elusive.

We truly enjoyed Sunday night’s episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles”. Not only did fans get to see a great mystery solved, they got to be part of the show as the characters shared their best holiday moments of the year. Episode grade: A-

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