‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 10 review: Callen’s home ambushed, Hetty’s Team continues to look for mole

CallenFans of “NCIS: Los Angeles” were holding their breath on Sunday night. The team once again faced the unknown as the return of the issue around the mole became a priority. As viewers might remember, there is a timeline for Henrietta “Hetty” Lange to find the mole. She gave her resignation in a previous episode with a career ending clause. If she didn’t find the parties involved she’d resign to save her team. Now the concern is the team might run out of time before the true identities of the moles are one step closer. While worried, it appears the team is closer to solving the mystery and Hetty is leading the way.

The episode opened with two fake sheriff officers at the front of Agent Callen’s home. As luck would have it, there was a woman running to get his help and before she could knock, she had to take off because the men were dead. Left to wonder what was going on, it was Tech Operator Eric Beale who finally identified the woman who was using two names: Natalie Grant and Amber Wilcox. She came to Callen’s home to get help as she didn’t know where else to turn. She ended up dead, even after being caught by the NCIS team, because she couldn’t be kept away from the bad guys. The gun battle between the bad guys and the NCIS team was a great scene too!

In an interesting twist, this same woman was connected to Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones’ visit to jail to talk to Carl Brown. He was the only known link to the mole situation within the NCIS office and Nell decided to try one last time with the hope to pump him for information. Finally, he cracked after Nell connected with a personal story. Giving details, the team could connect the woman who was his handler to be the exact same woman who was on the front lawn of Callen’s home looking for help.

The personal side of the episode involved the continued challenges that Special Agent Kensi Blye is facing with her recovery. Looking to get back to work, she still isn’t up to her best and needs to continue with her progress. Able to shoot a gun with accuracy using one arm, viewers watched as she couldn’t do the same with another. The frustration of the situation had fans feel her pain as she continued to strive to return to her previous physical condition and get back on the job. Of course it is Hetty who hopes Kensi will take her time and get well so she can come back to NCIS without any physical limitation.

Anxiously we can’t wait to find out what happens on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and how the team cracks the case of the mole. Will they find the lose lips before it’s too late for Hetty? We certainly hope so! We were also excited to see the nifty gadget that Agent Hanna used to spy inside the house. That camera with wheels was cool and it was absolutely amazing to see it fit inside the mail slit. Too bad we can’t find one of those cool toys at the local department store. Episode grade: A-.

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