‘Shameless’ season 7, episode 3 sneak peek: Frank gets tossed

Shameless -

Frank Gallagher may be a rather persistent man on “Shameless,” but that doesn’t quite mean that he gets everything that he wants. As a matter of fact, most of the time he locks up his persistence in the wrong things and it gets him nowhere.

In the sneak peek below for Sunday night’s new episode, you get a sense of his utter ridiculousness when he thinks that being able to convince a new bartender to let him and his new family (really homeless people that he tries to convince to be his replacement family) drink for free, while at the same time also getting free rent above the bar. He lays it on thick, questions the guy’s ability to speak English, and then finds himself thrown out with his face on the pavement. Pretty classic Frank, really. He’s the sort of guy who would rather go through this charade and routinely embarrass himself than run the risk of getting vulnerable in front of his real family. It’s hard to tell how long he’ll keep this charade up for, but odds are, this isn’t the last stop he makes on the “feel sorry for me” tour.

So what else can you expect to see in this episode? Be prepared for a particularly vulnerable scene at one point between Ian and Lip, as the former goes through his frustrations with mental illness after being sent home from work. He doesn’t always see the symptoms, and therefore finds it very hard when other people put those upon him.

All in all, expect things to be ridiculous at times and surprisingly meaningful at others. If there’s set of expectations that we’d coin as the Gallagher way, this is problem it.

For more on Sunday night’s new episode, be sure to head over here to check out another quick preview. (Photo: Showtime.)

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