TV Death Toll: Could ‘Scandal’ season 6 wipe out major character?

The sixth season of “Scandal” is one that is still many months away from premiering, but we have a feeling it’ll be worth the wait. We expect Shonda Rhimes and company to go big, especially given the fact that we’re far enough in the show’s run that you need to do big, bold, impactful things in order to stay in the headlines. Killing off characters, as sad as it may be, is a pretty clear way in which to do just that.

Below in our final edition of our TV Death Toll series, you can take a quick look at some of the people we are the most concerned about moving into season 6 … and also who we think is safe.

Olivia– Obviously, she’ll be fine one way or another. She’s the star of the show. While we don’t think she’ll die, however, there are many other ways in which some characters could cause a little bit of carnage to her.

Cyrus – He’s further up the political ladder, and while that may be great for him politically, it does put a further target on him. While we want Cyrus to be happy, at the same time he’s made certain choices that suggest otherwise. He could be in real danger moving forward.

Abby – We just don’t see a motivation to kill her off at present. Plus, she’s a fascinating bit of connective tissue between Fitz and many other characters.

Quinn – Given what she does for a living and who she works with, there’ll probably also be some danger around her. Killing her would be a bold movie; we don’t want it, but it’s possible.

Huck – Out of the people the writers could realistically go after, taking out Huck would easily be the most heartbreaking. He is the heart and soul of things at OPA in so many ways, and has survived so much.

Fitz – Given that he is about to leave officer, where would the logic be in killing him off now?

Mellie – On the other hand, Mellie could be close to getting in office. That positions her to be an obvious target.

Rowan – We have a hard time actually imagining the character surviving until the end of the series. Here, it could just be a matter of timing.

Jake – We can also envision something happening to Jake; we don’t think he’s in as much danger as Rowan, though, and we’d like to see what happens to him if he was gone.

Elizabeth North – She’s in many ways the female version of Cyrus in terms of her plotting and aspirations, which is both good and bad. She does often get what she wants, but makes many enemies at the same time.

David – If he were to go, we’d just feel sad given that we think there is a moral compass somewhere in there. He’s often just a toy used by others.

Who do you think is in the most danger moving into season 6? Share in the comments below.

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