‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 8 review: John Rayburn, Marco go to war over Danny’s death

BloodlineWhat’s going to happen to John now that Diana knows about his involvement in Danny’s death? It looks like she’s going to stay with him to protect her kids, but can she carry this heavy secret? Also we saw Ozzy try his blackmailing scheme on Meg, but we haven’t seen whether or not she decided to pay him off or not. There’s a lot of loose ends to tie up on this episode of “Bloodline” so let’s jump right in.

Sally asked Nolan to take her to the restaurant that Danny used to work at and he does, but when they get there it’s closed down due to a fire. He tells Sally that even though Danny was really happy working there and doing a good job, he trusted the wrong guys, owed a lot of money and went down a bad path trying to pay them back – basically Danny being Danny. Sally asks what Danny was doing with these men, and Nolan doesn’t tell her that he was selling drugs, but Sally suspects those men burnt the restaurant to the ground. Really it was Nolan after his father lied to him, went to jail and pushed him away.

The second stop on their tour is at Eve and Nolan’s apartment, and even though they’ve been evicted, he breaks in to grab a few of his things. While he’s packing up, Sally sees how much Danny and the Rayburn family has meant to Nolan over the years though his pictures and trinkets. She also learns that Nolan knew Robert, but he says he only met him one time. After learning more about Nolan and growing closer to him, Sally invites him and Eve a place to stay.

Meg tells John about Ozzy’s visit and John makes it clear that she’s not to give him any blackmail money. Meg talks to Kevin about how much John has been keeping from them including beating up Ozzy, a witness from the night at the Red Reef motel and the tape Danny made. Kevin says they have to pay this guy and Meg agrees, but Kevin has no money to give – in fact the bank has come to his boat yard to start repossessing his stuff. Meg talks to Gilbert (John’s main campaign investor) about investing in Kevin’s boat yard and he’s interested in buying it. She also mentions  Ozzy and Gilbert says he should be paid, but warned that if he doesn’t leave afterwards, that powerful people will make sure he disappears, so that’s what she does.

After getting Alec’s name from Meg, Marco calls him up to confirm her alibi and Alec says he wasn’t with her that night. Originally Marco thought that Franco was playing politics with this, but he doesn’t anymore and is going to push this as far as he has to. Marco questions John about why Meg lied about Alec and he says he doesn’t know, but Marco says that he thinks that John, Kevin and Meg helped Danny get away with murder (finally someone is on to them!). John counters Marco by revealing that he knows Marco covered up Franco beating his wife, but Marco doesn’t care and is still pushing forward on his theory saying that Meg told him about the siblings lying to the police years back to protect their father after he beat Danny and thinks that they would do something like that again.

This battle heating up between John and Marco is really interesting, since both of these men have everything to lose, but neither of them are backing down. Who is going to be the first to expose the other man’s secrets? We are actually starting to worry that Marco isn’t going to make it out of this season alive as we’ve seen what John is capable of when he’s backed into a corner. Episode grade: A-

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