‘The 100’ season 3, episode 16 (finale) review: Clarke and Lexa reunite in the City of Light

The 100With Ontari brain dead, Clarke, Bellamy and the other non-chipped people are up the creek (or so it seems) as there are no more people left to take the commander’s flame. Is A.L.I.E. going to rule over everyone on earth? Let’s see what the finale of “The 100” has in store for us.

We have been saying for weeks that Clarke was going to be the one to try to put the flame into her at some point and become the next commander and it looks like Clarke has finally come to a similar decision tonight. It’s something that we’ve been wanting to see happen and it’s a beautiful way to bind Clarke and Lexa together forever… that is if she can keep the flame in her. So how are they going to make this happen without it melting her brain? After bringing Abby back from the City of Light, she performs a blood transfusion with Ontari and Clarke while Murphy puts the flame into Clarke, but this will only work as long as Ontari’s blood keeps flowing, so this is just a temporary solution.

Clarke survives the flame (for now) and comes up with an idea – she is going to take the chip and go into the City of Light to get to the kill switch (and will remove the flame once she does). She heads into the City of Light and A.L.I.E. quickly finds her and starts sending people after her to get the flame from her, but Lexa appears and helps Clarke! When the blood transfusion starts to go badly, Clarke starts to die before she is able to finish the job, so Abby cuts open Ontari’s chest and gets Murphy to literally pump blood out of her heart and into Clarke – and it works giving her and Lexa more time to stop A.L.I.E. Just when all hope is lost, Raven creates a portal for Clarke to get to the kill switch and after a painful goodbye that had us in tears, Lexa goes into battle to slow down A.L.I.E.’s army.

Clarke gets into the kill switch room and A.L.I.E. tells her that the nuclear plants on earth are buckling and that the planet only has 6 months before they destroy everyone on earth. This is why the City of Light is the only choice and that Clarke will be killing everyone if she hits the kill switch, but really A.L.I.E. is stalling so that she can have enough time to delete the kill switch. Clarke pulls the kill switch and everyone is brought back from the City of Light, but now they only have 6 months to figure out what to do next – perfectly set up for next season’s storyline! We also can’t leave this review without mentioning that Octavia got her revenge for Lincoln and killed Pike once the battle was done.

We have been waiting all season for the big battle between Clarke and A.L.I.E. and this did not disappoint, but seeing Lexa show up in the City of Light to help Clarke destroy A.L.I.E. put the biggest smile on our face. We were crushed when Lexa died this season, ending one of our favorite TV relationships, so seeing Clarke and Lexa back together, even just for this one episode, was really special for us. Episode grade: A

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