‘Big Brother Canada 4’ finale: If Tim Dormer wins, does it make him one of best players ever?

Tim -

There is one thing that has yet to be done in any season of “Big Brother” US or “Big Brother Canada,” and that is having one player win more than one season. Dan Gheesling came close at the end of season 14, only to have Ian Terry get the lion’s share of the votes.

Tonight’s season 4 finale of the Canadian show on Global is not going to change that pattern, given that Tim Dormer is a player from “Big Brother Australia,” which operates using very different rules that require a different sort of strategy. Yet, at the same time Tim would have won two separate versions of the show on two different continents. He entered this game an outsider, knowing that he’d be a target for not being a normal contestant and for being a previous winner. Yet, he’s shown great adaptability, forged strong alliances, and played a close-to-impeccable social game. He’s made some mistakes here and there, but many great players do. It’s more about how you recover from them.

Let’s get back to the question in the title: Would a Tim win tonight make him one of the greatest players ever? Provided that he can make it to the top two, which probably requires him to win the finale Head of Household, it’s probable that he’ll come out on top. He’s done many things well all season, and we feel confident that it would at least probably put him in the top 20 of all time of US / Canada players.

However, anything more than that right now would be a stretch, much as we adore Tim as a person and entertainer, just because of so many factors with the Canadian show. For example, we were largely deprived of a Tim / Mitch showdown because the latter was the victim of an unfair twist. Meanwhile, Ramsey is another person who could have been an interesting player before a family emergency caused him to depart. It’s clear that he is a great player based on his strategy and social game, but you could say that at times he puts his foot in his mouth or let’s people know he’s competitive more so than he should.

Tim didn’t have a completely dominant game like Derrick, so we can’t put him above him on the list of first-time players. Regardless of how tonight plays out, Jon and Neda may remain in our mind the two best Canada players; they were just unfortunately a part of the same season. It’s ironic since he’s already played twice, but we may need to see him go a third time before we can size him up with people like Dr. Will and Dan. We think his sort of game is very hard to repeat (at least on the same continent); but hey, we didn’t think anyone would let Tim get this far this season, either.

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