‘The 100’ season 3, episode 6 review: Jaha and his magic pill

The 100 -On the last episode of “The 100” we saw Lexa decide that blood will not answer for blood this time and that instead she is going to try to find a way to create a peaceful existence between her clans and the people from the Ark. Is Pike going to be receptive? After the numerous times the grounders have turned on them, we foresee Pike staying the course and wiping the grounders out.

Kane is trying to figure out what Pike’s plan is after learning that he’s been taking water and soil samples from around the area, so he plants a bug in his office to see what he’s up to. Turns out they’ve found very fertile soil and plan on planting, but the soil is occupied by a village of grounders. Bellamy and Monty don’t feel that they should be occupying land that doesn’t belong to them, but Pike reminds them that now that the resources at Mount Weather are gone, they have to make big moves in order to survive. Without that land, the people from the Ark will be starving in less then a year. What we don’t understand is why Pike feels that the villagers have to die instead of relocating them to land that isn’t fertile and using all of that land for crops for both clans?

Seems that Octavia has the same idea as us and decides to go to the grounder village and ask them to leave before they get wiped out. They tell her that they are going to pack up to leave, but really they are going to set a trap and destroy the land the Ark wants. Although Octavia was able to warn the Ark team, it came too late for some of them. Now Pike realizes that they have traitors in their camp and that Octavia is a problem, but he also suspects Kane had a hand in this and asks Bellamy to find him proof.

Now that Raven is a believer in the City of light, others from the Ark are lining up to swallow the magic tech that Jaha has for them. With Raven on board, Jaha and A.L.I.E. ask her to do a favor for them. A.L.I.E. wants the second version of herself/code and feels that it exists in the computer system of the Ark. Raven questions why there’s a second version of A.L.I.E, since programmers don’t usually make a second version unless something is wrong with the first, but she agrees to help anyway. What Raven doesn’t know is that she’s actually looking for a computer program that ended the world. After a thorough search of all 12 Ark stations, A.L.I.E. and Raven come up empty handed, but Jaha tells her that there was a 13th station in space that was blown out of the sky in order for the other 12 stations to survive… that station is on earth.

When Abby asks Jaha if she can test this tech that everyone’s ingesting, she suggests that he wouldn’t have given it to Wells without knowing everything about it. Jaha doesn’t remember his son and Abby becomes even more concerned about this tech, but A.L.I.E. reminds him that Wells was his son and Jaha gives Abby permission to test it. Unfortunately for Jaha, that’s not enough for Abby now that she’s seen the side effects first hand and shuts down Jaha’s whole operation taking all of the tech from him, but it turns out her assistant, Jackson, is a minion of the City of Light and is going to help Jaha.

For us, the Jaha, City of Light, don’t drink the Kool Aid story is our least favorite of the season and there was a heavy focus on it during this episode. We are far more invested in the brewing war and how these two groups of people are going to find a way to coexist… if that’s even possible at this point! Episode grade: C+

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