‘The 100’ season 3, episode 1 review: Clarke’s hook up, Murphy’s choice and Shawn Mendes?

The 100 John MurphyAfter what Clarke (and Bellamy) did on the season 2 finale of “The 100”, Clarke left the Ark and the rest of the survivors to basically banish herself for what she did. We also saw that someone has the missile that Thelonious rode to earth on, in their possession – how bad is this situation going to be? The CW left a lot of unanswered questions going into “The 100” season 3, but that’s one of the many reasons why we can’t get enough of this show… the mystery of what will happen next.

Murphy: When we last saw him, he had found a bunker filled with food, drink and luxury, but he quickly learned that this was going to be his tomb after the doors sealed him in. After 86 days of being locked up, he hears the containment door release. Outside he sees and follows the drone to the house where we last saw Thelonious and they are reunited. When Murphy learns that Thelonious kept him in the bunker for all those months (and that Thelonious is working with the woman who destroyed the earth in the first place), he leaves the mysterious mansion. Later, Thelonious meets up with Murphy again and gives him a way to get to the city of light, but he’s not interested, that is until he sees the girl from the desert driving the boat Thelonious is going to be traveling on.

The Ark: Since the betrayal at Mount Weather 3 months ago, the grounders have stayed to themselves and everyone believes that this means peace has been achieved. Here are some updates on our favorites: Clarke is still missing, Jasper is drunk all the time since Maya died and can’t move forward, Bellamy has a woman, Raven is hiding the pain in her leg that worsened since the dam explosion (and needs surgery), and Octavia and Lincoln are at odds because he believes all tribes can have peace and she wants to go and live with the grounders.

Clarke: While out on patrol, Bellamy and the crew get a signal from another part of the crashed Ark, but instead they find the beacon it’s being carried by grounders from the Ice Nation. They run into Kane and Indra who tell them that Clarke is being hunted by everyone now that there is a bounty on her head. It is believed by the grounders that if you kill someone, you absorb their power and now that Clarke is known as the commander of death, everyone wants that power for themselves (especially the leader of the Ice Nation), but if Clarke dies, the peace between the grounders and the Ark will end. We get our first glimpse of Clarke and she’s doing some hunting of her own (for food) and her blonde hair is gone (guess there is red hair dye in this waste land). Clarke has at least one ally in the wasteland and it’s a girl from the trading post who has been keeping her whereabouts a secret to everyone who asks. Clarke let’s her guard down with her and sleeps with her, but by the time she’s realized she’s gotten too comfortable, bounty hunters have found her.

After two really solid seasons of “The 100” this premiere was more of a catch up then anything else. We still aren’t completely sold on the Thelonious story (he’s gone a little off the deep end for our tastes), and bringing in Shawn Mendes so that he can perform felt like a gimmick they don’t need. This show is strong because it takes big risks and isn’t afraid to tell a dark story and that kind of gets lost when you have Shawn Mendes singing at Mount Weather. Good use of the Violent Femmes this episode – we haven’t heard “Add It Up” since the 80’s. Episode grade: B-

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