‘Lucifer’ takes further heat from One Million Moms; sponsors attacked

What’s the latest issue when it comes to “Lucifer”? The Fox series got off to a pretty strong start in the ratings this week courtesy of a 2.4 in the 18-49 demographic, but one particular group in One Million Moms is not exactly happy about it.

The group has basically started up a campaign to go after sponsors for the show, stating that in supporting the show they are agreeing with some of the messages that the show supplies, including the idea of the devil as a charming investigator who helps solve crimes with the LAPD because he doesn’t have anything better to do. The Oliver Garden in particular has been feeling a lot of heat, which is a bummer because their breadsticks are delicious.

Is this going to have any sort of long-standing impact on the series? We doubt it, since the vast majority of the time petitions often work to give the subject being petitioned all the more publicity. While maybe the organization will have some success in their protests, we feel like there are other sponsors who’d always love to be in the headlines even if it means that one organization is going to be unhappy with them.

Ultimately, the success or failure of “Lucifer” will come down to the ratings, and we’re curious to see what the numbers next week will be. After all, the premiere ratings were largely supported by two things more than anything else: It being the premiere, and also it coming on after the premiere of “The X-Files.” We’re going to keep a close watch on this; we anticipate the ratings to go down, but we’re not sure it will be linked to this at all.

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