‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: Prepare for more of Ressler in the spotlight

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe decision by Ressler to trust Liz Keen more on “The Blacklist” is one of the reasons why the character is heading to trial, and following this, you better prepare to have more of Diego Klattenhoff in the spotlight than you’ve seen in some time. Moving into the second half of this season, there seems to be a major priority to giving the supporting cast more to do.

For those wondering whether or not the strong stories for Ressler will continue moving into Thursday’s “The Director: Conclusion,” take the following quote from creator Jon Bokenkamp to TVLine as all of the evidence that you need and then some:

“His backstory is something that is critical in Episodes 9 and 10 in defining who he is and where he comes from and who he’s going to become.”

Also, be prepared to see his connection with Tommy (not to be confused with Tom) explored even more so than it has been so far.

By the time we get to the end of Thursday’s episode, we’re still interested in seeing how we survey the wreckage. It feels like we’re beyond the tipping point of the story with the Cabal, and it will be hard to reset back to where we were in the early part of this season. Maybe we revert back to the earlier days of the show with Red and Liz working with the FBI, or maybe we figure out something else where the characters work have a different sort of collaboration.

(Photo: NBC.)

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