‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 6, episode 11 review: Who’s dead, and how did they die?


As it turns out, “Pretty Little Liars” did have a reason for a coffin in their theme song, and for all of the ladies to be standing above of: Someone else died during the season 6 winter premiere, and it is certainly someone who has a history with all of them.

That’s right: Charlotte DiLaurentis is dead … maybe. What we were shown near the end of the episode was that the character, who had been released after the testimony from all of the Liars and Mona (Aria was the only dissenting opinion), it looked as though she¬†killed herself by falling from a building. Judging from the fact that we saw her body at the funeral, we really hope that there is not some sort of Glenn – “Walking Dead” stuff where there is some secret identical Charlotte twin out there and she is really still alive.

The death of Charlotte brought the Liars to yet another funeral, and there was another unwelcome guest there in the process: Sara, who probably just wanted to see for sure that she was dead. (Unless, of course, she is up to something shady.) Lorenzo revealed that the death was a homicide, and she was dead before the body was even tossed out. We have our new mystery! Obviously the Liars have been advised to stick around in town, which gives us our first real reason why everyone is still in town.

If you want character updates, here is the short version: Aria’s working in the publishing world in Boston, while Hanna is in fashion (often traveling the world), Spencer in Mona in politics in one form or another, and Emily is still a little bit of a mystery. She’s still dealing with the death of her father, and that is causing her to have a tough time.

We’d say that the winter premiere was both entertaining and frustrating at the same time. Great performances abounded from start to finish (especially Ian Harding), but we would be wrong to not complain about the fact that many of the Liars were able to forgive Charlotte after such a short period of time, or how Charlotte is already gone after building so much hype around her.¬†Grade: B-.

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