Charlie Sheen will appear on Tuesday’s ‘Today Show,’ reportedly to discuss being HIV Positive

TodayYou may have seen this story breaking across the internet Monday, and while it may not be 100% confirmed entirely just yet, it’s looking pretty close to being that way.

What we do know for certain is this: Former “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen will be appearing on Tuesday morning’s new episode of “The Today Show” for what is being hyped as a live, honest sit-down with host Matt Lauer. What TMZ is reporting is that the actor will reveal that he is HIV Positive on the show.

The details surrounding when he learned and what he wants to do following this revelation are something we prefer not to get into right now, mostly because so much of it is speculative and there is also a certain part of it that is really none of our business until Sheen decides that he wants to make some of his comments /thoughts public.

What we will say is that HIV awareness is still a subject matter that needs to be discussed, and thanks to the stigma and the variety of other things happening in the world, is often overlooked. Our hope is that Sheen will use his platform as a means to help inform people more about they can to make themselves and others more aware of it, how to prevent it, and also separate some of the fact from fiction.

We’ll have more on the story in the morning, since we anticipate that this is going to get a lot of coverage (as most things related to Sheen, even after the end of both his CBS show and “Anger Management,” tend to.

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