NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Riley Biederer, Madi Davis, Celeste Betton perform for Pharrell Williams

Pharrell -When it comes to genres on “The Voice” Tuesday night, Pharrell Williams can probably tout having the most variety out of any coach out there. With that being said, does this necessarily mean that his team is the best? Not exactly. While he has great talent, we don’t think that the presumptive favorite to win is here. They are all underdogs, and they’ll have to bring it to get the votes necessary.

Of course, refresh the page as the night goes on for some further updates. We’re starting out by asking questions of the six members of his team.

Darius Scott, “Love Lockdown” – Does Darius have this Kanye West song on lock? It was not vocally perfect, but we loved some of the vocal tricks and that he really messed around with the arrangement. This is the sort of stuff that we want to see him doing the rest of the season … provided of course that he makes it through.

Evan McKeel, “Overjoyed” – Can Evan make us overjoyed to hear this again? This was REALLY good, and we didn’t expect it on this show. It’s the best Evan has sounded, let alone the most confident on stage. Unless someone else blows the roof off, we’re not sure how he will go home after this.

Madi Davis, “Songbird” – Can Madi flip this Fleetwood Mac song on its head? We were pretty confident that this would be good the moment we heard she was doing the song, and she really impressed. This was a sweet, lovely rendition that felt nostalgia, and at the same time current.

Celeste Betton, “Something in the Water” – Can Celeste bring something new to this Carrie Underwood hit? She did, but the vocal was at times shaky throughout. Maybe there were a few pitch problems, but we think ultimately her biggest flaw was that she was out so much for redemption, she may have pushed a little too hard.

Riley Biederer, “Should’ve Been Us” – Can Riley follow up on “XO”? Once again, this was really good! While she needs to get a little more consistent, she to us may be the most underrated performer in the competition. She’s got a really distinct tone, and it helps her that she is doing current songs that the younger generation of voters will know.

Mark Hood, “What Do You Mean?” – Is a Justin Bieber cover the right move right now? As it turns out, yes. Pharrell’s team surprisingly nailed it all across the board, which makes it stink on a huge level that only three of them are going through to the next round.

If we had to pick our advancing artists right now, we’d probably say Riley, Madi, and Mark, but it’s hard to even say that since Darius was right up there as well. For us, Madi and Darius are almost even.

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