CarterMatt’s Scare-O-Ween: ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5 and an episode that makes perfect sense

Teen wolf -If there is ever a show that was meant to celebrate Halloween like no other, it is “Teen Wolf.” It is catered to a young enough audience that cares about the holiday, its content is certainly spooky and supernatural, and it airs on a network in MTV who could promote the heck out of the show using a variety of its different platforms.

So why haven’t they done it, especially in years where they have a split-season? That’s something that we are going to look at in this latest edition of our Scare-O-Ween series, where we examine shows that have either had or could benefit from some Halloween-themed programming.

The case for a Halloween special – We’ve already mapped out some of it, but here is another simple argument: If you can have multiple Halloween specials for “Pretty Little Liars” or not “Stitchers” over on ABC Family, why not have one here? For a show that does have so many characters who are teenagers, getting a chance to see them celebrate the holiday, or at least explore some themes of it, is something that could be examined. We suppose that one of the reasons the show hasn’t done it is because the timeline is such where seasons take place over the course of weeks sometimes, and it would take a big time jump to get you to October 31. That’s why we are saying to just deliver a really scary episode instead; you don’t even have to make it Halloween-specific with this show for it to work.

The case against it – Maybe there are some either on the show or at MTV that would feel that taking away an episode from the summer or winter for Halloween would disrupt the narrative too much, since you would largely need this story to stand on its own. Or, maybe it’s a promotional challenge for them to go so far out of when the show typically airs, and then throw it up against heavy competition from networks in the fall season. Ultimately, it could be a case of wanting to have a special only if there is a great idea that comes organically out of the writers room, and maybe that hasn’t happened yet.

Halloween highlight – “Teen Wolf” does have in technicality a “Halloween episode”; it just didn’t air in October. We’re speaking instead of “Illuminated,” a particularly memorable episode from season 3 that involved a blacklight party. For now, this may be what you have to watch to get your Halloween fix with this show.

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