‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2, episode 4 review: Bonnie’s ‘confession’ and more

htgawm -Through the past few episodes of “How to Get Away with Murder,” we have continued along an interesting tradition: Being confused as heck about everything that happens. We do think that sometimes the show works far too hard to produce an “OMG” moment when it could just put the focus instead on telling a great, concise story.

Still, we’re not going to be the lunatic to sit here and tell you that some of the twists dropped by the show were ineffective; that could not be further from the truth. They were very effective at fulfilling a wide array of different purposes, with the primary one being having you question Michaela and whatever she’s up to. In the present, she and Levi are now on “daddy” terms during phone conversations (that never ends well), and in the flash-forwards she is visiting one of the infamous “siblings” in Caleb, who asks about how Annalise is after the shooting. Did he know what was going to happen?

Now, big twist #2: Bonnie claiming that she killed Sam Keating as a way to cool off Asher’s jets. To keep the focus off of him and his own mysterious history, he was willing to make a deal with would put more of the spotlight on Nate once again. Asher is a snake. That’s part of the reason we like him. However, snakes cannot fully win; if they did, would they really be that exciting.

At least these twists were established with enough history that we managed to really enjoy them. The case of the week, meanwhile, really just boiled down to people yelling various “safe for network TV” obscenities at one another. There is only so long that emotion is going to be more effective than a focus on courtroom cleverness. With this show, we always prefer it when they utilize the latter.

For some of its flaws and rampant confusion, at least we were kept on the edge of our seat this week … though we do hope that Wes finally has something more to do moving forward. His story has been much too quiet as of late for our liking. Grade: B.

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