‘Graceland’ canceled by USA; season 4 hopes (likely) up in smoke

USA was rather quick in making a firm decision on “Graceland”; unfortunately, it was not the one that the majority of the show’s devoted fans wanted to see.

In a new post on his official Twitter account, show creator Jeff Eastin made it clear that the show has been canceled, and based on his wording, we have to wonder if the studio is just planning to let the show go. Sometimes we write articles about whether or not another network will pick up a show post-cancellation, but there does not seem to be a whole lot of point here. What is done in this case, unfortunately, is just done.

Ratings-wise, this was a move you could see coming. The show’s ratings dropped sharply in the show’s second season, which also happened to be when it started to take an even darker turn creatively. This was an intense, gritty show, and maybe at times you can argue that it is not the sort of show that is befitting the USA brand. Maybe this discrepancy made it harder to find an established audience there.

Creatively, at least this isn’t a cliffhanger as terrible as the one at the end of season 2 with Mike’s fate up in limbo. Granted, does this mean that Jakes really did run away with the money for good? Not necessarily, given that the plan was to bring him back into the fold at some point had the show been granted a season 4. It’s just now open entirely to interpretation, and fans can decide more or less on whatever fate they deem appropriate.

We’re sad any show goes, especially one that takes creative risks. “Graceland” certainly did that, and hopefully Eastin and the cast move on to other things soon.

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