‘Gotham’ episode 18 review: A Penguin with a shotgun

Gotham -In a way, we enjoyed “Gotham” getting down to the nitty-gritty with “Everyone Has a Cobblepot.” This is a show that has spent so much time as of late focusing on things that we don’t find particularly necessary, and also characters who are trying too hard to be instant references to Batman. We’re actually somewhat happy that there was a story more about the GCPD for a change, even if most of it just got us to the point where Jim Gordon found himself in a better position with the precinct.

How messed-up a guy is Commissioner Loeb? It’s no surprise that Gordon eventually finds himself in this position, if for no other reason than that these are the people that the city has been forced to deal with. He may look by comparison almost like a walking angel.

Let’s ignore most of the Fish Mooney story for the time being, even if “prison” being on an island is kind of cool, and instead focus on Oswald Cobblepot blowing Marge away with a shotgun. It’s one of the strangest, craziest moments that the series has done, since it was such a comic-book sort of move on a show that has established itself as somewhat-serious and dark. Yet, we really feel like it was smart to implement some of that. It’s been a while since Batman’s world has been allowed to feel like a comic book, and this show could really use more of it.

Now, let’s turn to our demented thought of the week: Is Edward Nygma really so terrible for Kris Kringle when compared to some of the other guys we’ve seen? Sure, he’s super-creepy, but this is pre-Riddler Nygma! Wait never mind … she should really just try to bolt as far away from all of this as possible.

This is the last “Gotham” episode until we get around until right around May sweeps, and while we do wish that it accomplished more, at least there were no major disasters that have us questioning the show’s existence. Grade: B.

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