‘Chicago PD’ season 2, episode 9 review: Did Lindsay take the job on the task force?

Last week  on “Chicago PD” we saw Lindsay getting heavily pursued to lead a special task force and while it’s something she’s considering doing, she has such strong ties to Voight and the team that she is really conflicted about what direction she wants to go in. She knows this is an opportunity of a life time, but is she really ready for it and is it going to be as great as she thinks it is?

Tonight’s episode started out with Lindsay coming home to find Nadia in her bathroom with a friend having an overdose in the tub, which lead to the case of the week.  When Lindsay isn’t completely honest with Voight about the bathtub incident, he slams her for being distracted about the task force decision saying that now she’s put them in a situation that could lead to an entrapment accusation. As the case of the week plays out, Lindsay become more confident in her decision about the task force. She decides that it’s the right fit for her and she’s going to be leaving the team. There are mixed reactions from the team as everyone is happy for her, but no one wants her to leave.

Burgess is worried that her relationship with Ruzek is going to end in break up and that they will then be stuck working together, but he reassures her that a break up isn’t in their future and that they will never end up like Roman and his ex-girlfriend. Later Roman, Burgess and the ex-girlfriend are at a suspects house and while the two exes are fighting on the street, Burgess goes up to the suspects door to knock and gets unexpectedly shot.

We aren’t sure that separating Lindsay from the main team is going to be a great fit for this show since the main cast as a collective have fantastic chemistry together, so as much as we want Lindsay to succeed in her career, we want her to do it back with Voight and the team. Is it bad that we want the task force opportunity to end up being a dud? Episode grade: B

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Chicago PD” and do you want to see Lindsay separated from the team working on her own task force? Leave us a comment below and have your say!

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