‘Gotham’ season 2 spoilers: How Bruce Wayne reacts to his father’s secrets

In some ways, “Gotham” managed to bungle the end of season 1 by having the big Bruce Wayne “reveal” show up in some of the promos. That’s Fox’s fault more so than the producers, though; what they did with showing the secrets of Wayne Manor was set up a place that could eventually become the Batcave, though we are far away from getting to that.

Instead, what we have through this reveal is an opportunity for a more focused Bruce Wayne story that will allow him to get closer to the Batman mythology, without of course ever getting him close to putting on the suit. We doubt that happens even if this show lasts a full eight seasons. This secret room for now houses an office for Bruce’s late father, and in explaining how this impacts the character executive producer Bruno Heller said the following to TV Guide:

“His father’s office makes very real what was previously a childish revenge fantasy … He plunges into a much darker and more adult world than we’ve seen him in before.”

If there was at one point a hope for Bruce to still have a decent childhood despite the tragedy, most of that is going to be lost specifically thanks to what he is up against next. We’re talking here mostly about the rise of villains in the city, which is so much more than just The Penguin having more power. The mysterious Jerome will strike again, and we also have such new faces as Tigress showing up. Eventually, Edward Nygma could become closer to the Riddler than ever before.

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