‘The Fall’ season 3: Should Jamie Dornan – Gillian Anderson series premiere earlier in U.S.?

FallWe know first and foremost that there is still going to be a long wait before “The Fall” season 3 comes on the air. This is a series that has not even started to film yet, though we know that Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan will be back in Northern Ireland this fall to work on some more episodes.

We’ve talked a little bit about premiere dates in Ireland and the United Kingdom before, but today we’re making the jump over to talk about America. The show streams on Netflix, but if there is a throughline that has existed the past two seasons, it is this: The show takes its sweet time to get there for everyone to watch. The wait for season 1 was long, and season 2 took about a month to get there considering when it ended in Europe (mid-December) and when it came on Netflix in January.

So could we see a shorter wait between seasons for season 3? We’re starting to wonder, mostly because PBS is pondering shortening the wait time for one of its own imports in “Sherlock” right now. One of the benefits of doing this is that you lower the odds of piracy, or viewers simply getting spoiled somewhere online. It could also condense the promotional tour for the cast, which is good given the schedules of Anderson and Dornan.

What is the disadvantage here? It may be as simple as the fact that there could be imposed wait times or some other transactions behind the scenes that keep it from happening. Since Netflix airs all episodes at once, it does seem impossible that the show will actually air at the same time as it does overseas. Our feeling is that maybe the earliest you could get the date pushed up is a couple of weeks after it premieres in Europe.

Do you want to see the release date of “The Fall” season 3 as close to simultaneous as possible around the globe, or does it really matter to you? Share below, and click here for more news on the series! Also, sign up to get some more TV updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: BBC.)


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