‘MasterChef’ season 6, episodes 1 and 2 review: The new journey begins

MasterChef -We’re a little late with this particular “MasterChef” review, but we did want to get things started here before starting to resume covering the show in a little bit more of a timely fashion moving forward to the episodes ahead. The season premiere last week brought back much of the show that we loved, but with a slightly different flair.

Joining the show this season in the place of Joe Bastianich is Christina Tosi, who made her judging style fairly clear: She’s going to be tough at times, but we don’t feel like she is taking on the harsh-critic role much in the way that Joe embraced. We have no sweeping criticism of her individually; however, we do wish that the judges as a whole were a little less robotic with some of their banter and reading of instructions to the contestants. At times, it feels almost like a round-robin between each judge saying a sentence.

As for the contestants, it’s hard to keep track when you have an episode designed to narrow down a field of 40 to 20, and then have a pair of home cooks make it in as wild cards! We like the season better when it starts somewhere between 20 and 24 since it gives you a little more of a focus. So for now, let’s just give you a few of the people who did catch our eye.

Stephen – He may be completely crazy and his intensity terrifies us, but he has the sort of passion that could make him a huge force in the competition.

Shelly – It’s super-nice to see her make it to the top 22 as a wild-card with Stephen, largely because she wanted it so badly. Still, you could see this success story coming in the edit all the way down from the other side of the MasterChef kitchen.

Tommy – A fashion designer intent on turning his food into art. If he has to make burgers outdoors to a hundred people, all we have to tell him is good luck trying to make that art happen.

Derrick – If we have to hear one more confessional about him making comparisons between cooking and being a drummer, we may lose it.

All in all, a solid premiere. There’s nothing particular spectacular, but we feel like this show is like going to a restaurant and getting the usual. You always like it, though it rarely ever surprises you. Grade: B.

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