‘Penny Dreadful’ season 2, episode 2 review: Voodoo Vanessa, Victor and Brona connect

Penny DreadfulNow that Brona has been brought back from the dead on “Penny Dreadful” there are a few ways this situation can play out: She can be with Victor’s creation, she can remember Ethan and find him or she could fall for Victor. More then anything we just want to know if she is going to still have that wonderful, fun side to her that we loved in season 1.

Brona is awake and it seems that both Victor and his creature want her as a mate, but Victor has told her that they are cousins. She doesn’t remember much, but she does remember how to talk… although she no longer has an Irish accent and is talking like Victor. He gives her a new name, Lily, and there is a bond quickly developing between them as she leans on him for support. Victor tells her that John was the man she was supposed to marry, and she asks if she still has to, but he says that’s up to her to decide. When John returns, they talk a little, but she is hesitant about him.

Vanessa and Malcolm have been bonded as father and daughter after everything they went through with Mina and with the witches visiting her more then once, she goes to Malcolm for comfort. Seeing them volunteer their time to help the sick and less fortunate was a moment that bonded them even further and reminded Vanessa that she is not the only one suffering in this world.

Evelyn is putting in some work on Malcolm to get closer to Vanessa and secure her as the mate of her master. We had another appearance from Ferdinand as he tried to help the group understand the forgotten language of the devil, but as it turns out he is also working for Evelyn… more like being blackmailed by her since she knows that he is secretly gay and it would ruin his life if the news was revealed. Evelyn takes the heart of a baby and puts it into the body of what seems to be a voodoo doll of Vanessa. Will she be able to control Vanessa now, or is this just a part of a long term plan to capture her soul?

We were happy to see Ferdinand this week, he always makes things a little bit lighter – he is such a fantastic character and is needed in a show that is this dark. It was also nice to see Dorian, even though he is still hurting over Vanessa’s rejection and taking up with prostitutes again. We want to see Dorian threaded back into the group again some how and maybe with Vanessa being controlled by the witches to some degree, she will be willing to let that darkness back into her heart. It may be a doorway for Dorian to be with her again. Episode grade: B-

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