‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 19 review: Liz and Tom face the future together

The Blacklist logo any seasonNow that Liz knows the truth about Reddington (That he’s the person that hired Tom to enter her life) she’s ready to kick Reddington out of her life for good and even gave him the Fulcrum to make sure he doesn’t return, but is this enough to make Reddington leave? Also we saw Reddington get shot just before she drove away and we have been left wondering all week what this means to their relationship since she stayed to help? We aren’t worried about Reddington dying… this is “The Blacklist” after all and this show needs him as much as it needs Liz.

Reddington: Dembe refuses to let Liz take him to a hospital after getting shot and instead calls Mr. Kaplan to help save Reddington’s life. It’s really incredible how much power Mr. Kaplan has as she assembles a team of surgeons to fix him up. When their location is found out, Tom steps in to help at a new place, but he makes it clear that he’s helping for Liz and not for Reddington. That’s right… Tom didn’t take the passports and skip town! He decided to stay and try to put together a normal life. He tries to push Liz to stay away from Reddington after this and that he will help her get the answers that Reddington has about her life (and by the end of the episode she takes that offer). Before Reddington goes under he tells Liz to find a man named Leonard.

Liz: While Reddington is in surgery, Dembe sends Liz to Reddington’s apartment to get a briefcase, but tells her to never tell Reddington she was at this apartment. When she gets there, the apartment is filled with family type pictures and it includes photos of her, so she snaps a few on her phone. Before she leaves a man with a gun shows up and tells her to bring him to Reddington…. and the man is Leonard. He is the man that can decipher the fulcrum and he does, showing her everything.

When Reddinton’s location gets compromised a second time, Tom, Mr. Kaplan, Dembe and the whole group go to war and it’s a bloodbath. Even while bleeding out in a hospital bed, Reddington manages to be a total boss, killing his way out of a bad situation, but is only able to hold them off for so long.  Luckily Reddington has Liz in his corner as she figures out who is behind the attack and goes to him to show him the Fulcrum threatening to reveal all if he doesn’t call off the hit on Reddington… and he does, but not before telling her that she looks just like her mother.

Reddington tries to explain that he hired Tom to come into her life as a friend only to protect her, but when Reddington learned that their relationship became intimate he fired Tom, but they were already in love and moving towards marriage. Tom’s allegiance shifted towards Berlin during their marriage and away from Reddington, so he felt there was no other option other then turning himself in so that he could watch Liz closely himself.

After last week’s exciting episode that was go go go we thought that the after effects of that were going to be another action packed episode this week, but our expectations weren’t met. We are aware that not every week can be a crazy roller coaster ride, but we were hoping for more then this after waiting so long for a new episode. It was lacking. Episode grade: C+

What did you think about this episode of “The Blacklist” and was it worth waiting all these weeks to see? Share below.

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