‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ rankings: Are Joe Anglim, Jenn Brown leading No Collar tribe?

Joe -There is at least one tribe on “Survivor: Worlds Apart” (looking at you, Blue Collar) who we feel has a great shot at making it to the swap fully intact. Meanwhile, we won’t be shocked if the No Collar tribe loses at least one or two more challenges before then. Getting rid of Vince Sly was a huge move, but it also weakens the tribe in challenges. Joe is the only extremely athletic man left, and there is a big divison between Nina and the other women.

In other words, this could be a mess, and it will be fun to watch. If you missed our other rankings articles, we’re basing this off of strategy, edit, challenge ability, and the ever-important social game that you need to win in the end.

5. Nina Poersch – She seems very nice, and a total go-getter. All she wants is to be involved. The problem is that she doesn’t really have a lot of hope on this tribe right now. While Will may be a fan of hers, that’s only one vote. He may have choice but to also vote for her to leave.

4. Will Sims II – We’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out if getting rid of Vince was in his best interest or not. In the long-term, this may actually be the right move for him in that he’s made zero enemies getting rid of him. Even Nina is relatively pleased that she is still in the game. This could be helpful at a tribe swap. The only issue Will runs into? The plan was to actually vote off Nina.

3. Hali Ford – If by some miracle Joe flips on his current alliance, could he target Hali? It’s hard to think that he would. It’s so hard to differentiate the three members of the alliance here, so we’re thinking in terms of who is actually playing the best game right now. We’re not seeing much from Hali that suggests she has a chance.

2. Joe Anglim – The hard thing about Joe’s game is that he is almost too good at “Survivor.” He’s a lot like Malcolm in that way. He is a challenge beast, he’s likable, and he has an alliance around him. This will probably get him to the merge, but after that, he is probably the biggest threat imaginable.

1. Jenn Brown – It’s funny that despite Jenn almost going home this past episode, she’s now in an amazing spot. She’s got a good alliance together, and there seems to be a little gameplay brewing underneath the surface with her. Also, she has a great shield in Joe, who will probably be voted out at any point later in the game before she is.

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