‘Hawaii Five-0′ season 5, episode 15 review: Can Danny deal with Grace and boys?

Hawaii -Last week’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0″ was difficult but enlightening for Adam and Kono. Adam has been wondering why Kono has been stalling the past year when it came to marrying him: After all, Adam seems to be the perfect guy for her! He’s smart, funny, handsome, dedicated and truly loves her, so what was the hold up? Kono wasn’t comfortable with the ties his father’s business had to criminal activity and wanted him to give up his company before marrying him, but she realized that it was unfair to ask him to do this considering that he has never once asked her to give up her dangerous job even though it makes him uncomfortable. So we finally saw Kono agree to marry him and we hope to see that wedding take place sooner rather then later. For tonight’s episode though, we suspect there won’t be much movement on that story.

We haven’t had a really good Danny meltdown in a while so when tonight’s story came up involving Grace, a boy in her class and texting we were pretty stoked. Seems that a boy in her math class has started texting her a million times a day and Danny wants to kill the kid. Welcome to being the father of a young girl, Danny! So how does Danny know about all of the texts? When he set up her new phone he made it so he got all of her text messages…. he’s been spying on her according to Steve, or Danny’s side of things, he says it’s good parenting.

When a few messages come through between Grace and her school yard crush talking about their favorite candy (and right before Valentine’s Day) you can see the steam coming out of his ears. When Danny receives messages from the boy asking Grace out for ice cream and her accepting it, Steve tries to make nothing of it since ice cream is pretty innocent, however Danny reveals that Grace lied to him about the ice cream date and told him she was going to a friends house to study. Danny decides to crash the date, but when he gets their and finds them eating ice cream and playing hand clap games he decides to let this one go.

Later Grace comes clean to Danny about her ice cream date – something that only the rarest of pre-teen girls would ever do, so it was a little tough to buy into, but we will since it’s Valentine’s day and love is in the air. Danny also admits that he had been reading her messages and went to the date and hopefully this will set up a more honest relationship going forward. Episode grade: B+

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