‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 11 review: Is Liz’s ‘Tom’ secret going to come out?

The Blacklist logo any seasonLast week’s episode of “The Blacklist” was an important one as we saw Liz Keen get back some of her memories for the night of the fire. She remembered that not only was her father and mother there, but that Reddington was also present and that he was there to get the Falcrum from her dad. The connection Liz thought Reddington had with her was completely altered by this realization since now she knows that he never cared for her and that his intentions are nefarious – but is this really the case? You never know with this show and that’s one of the many reasons why we love it so much.

Now that Liz no longer trusts Reddington (but really we have to wonder why she ever did… he is a criminal after all), she’s not really interested in working with him. Of course he reminds her that his deal with them is that he works with Liz or he doesn’t help at all, so she agrees, but tells him she will only work with him and that their relationship outside of that is over.

The story with the Falcrum isn’t over (just in case you wondered if it was). Liz takes what she found in her childhood stuffed bunny to work and hands it over to Aram, asking him to look into what it is and saying the she trusts him not to tell anyone about it. He comes back saying it’s some sort of recording device, but he really can’t figure out what it is.

We also had a little look back at a loose end from Liz’s time holding Tom prisoner. The harbor master that Liz gave her business card to is dead, killed by Tom when she was keeping him prisoner on the boat, but now the harbor masters wife is looking for him and has gone to the police about it. A detective is looking into Liz and trying to find out her involvement with him since her card was found. Will Liz’s secret about Tom be found out? The only witness left in Tom’s killing is willing to take the detective to the body and we are immediately worried for Liz, especially when his body is unearthed.

As fun as the Falcrum story is, we were happy to see more on Liz’s time with Tom come back into the spotlight. We loved the Tom storyline and want him to come back to the show. Outside of the little dangling tidbit on Tom, this was one of the weaker case of the week storylines we’ve seen from this show. Now that Liz isn’t as involved with Reddington, it’s a very different dynamic and we aren’t as crazy about it. Episode grade: C+

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