CBS’ ‘CSI’ season 15, episode 14 review: Selling crime memorabilia

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a new episode of “CSI” but you can rejoice int he fact that tonight we are going to be getting a double dose as CBS’ will be airing two brand new episodes back to back! With Jared Briscoe now dead and his brother Paul on the run, we suspect that we won’t be hearing much from Mark Paul Gosselaar’s villain for a while as Paul regroups and comes up with a new plan to terrorize Russell. We are going to miss the gig harbor butcher story since Gosselaar was surprisingly terrifying in this role, but we have confidence tat “CSI” still has some gripping stories in store for us tonight.

Tonight’s case of the week involves an auction of crime memorabilia selling items (in this case a car) that was involved in a murder. This car was used in a series of murders of young women in Las Vegas 20 years back, but when the car is revealed there is a dead body in it. What was interesting is that the knife used to kill this new victim was made out of a bone from the original killer and placed inside the crime car that was for sale. Turns out the killer was just one of the killers fanboys, no real motive except for immortalizing his favorite killer.

The other interesting aspect about this case was that it brought up the moral dilemma of selling items involved in murders versus taking these same items from crimes and having them locked up or destroyed so that the family can just have some peace. Also, it gives us a look at the idea of people wanting to buy these kinds of items and being obsessed with serial killers to a bit of a scary edge. Episode grade: C+

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