‘The Mentalist’ season 7, episode 8 preview: What to expect in ‘The Whites of His Eyes’

If there is one horrifying thing to think about right now when it comes to “The Mentalist,” it is this: There are only six episodes left in the entire series. Note that we’re not just talking here about this season; this means the end of the road for Jane, Lisbon, and everyone else.

The story for “The Whites of His Eyes” seems to be fairly simple, but also very important to the fabric of what this series is about. A sniper is going to start to make Jane extremely worried about the safety of his girlfriend, but will this make him want to prevent her from doing her job? This is something that you should consider, and this is something that could cause major tension in their relationship.

In a sense, it is easy to understand where Simon Baker’s character is coming from, mostly when you consider his relationship history. This is a man, after all, who lost everything he loved to the hands of Red John, and the last thing we imagine he wants is to be in a situation where something like this happens all over again.

However, he has to realize that there is a difference between then and now, and that Lisbon is more than capable of protecting herself. Also, they can work together to take any foe down. In the end, we figure that they will arrive at this conclusion; it may take a little while to get there.

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