‘Madam Secretary’ episode 12 video: Basic tease of ‘Standoff’

Knowing that the holiday season would most-like change up their standard operation, CBS went ahead and did themselves a favor by releasing many of their promos a little earlier than usual.

The promo below is for the upcoming January 4 episode of “Madam Secretary” entitled “Standoff,” it feels almost like a “Mad Men” promo in that there are little highlights of scenes, and that is just about it. There’s not exactly anything substantial enough to really cling to or remember for an exceptionally long period of time.

So why not give us a little something more plot-oriented? We see the reason for that being simple: CBS wants to ensure that there are viewers of the Tea Leoni series that continue to get on board, and now is a time to do that since you can go back and watch some older episodes (especially if you have that new CBS app), and prepare yourself during some of the off weeks of the year.

This promo is an introduction to the show, a reminder that Elizabeth is a political outsider serving as Secretary of State, and a reminder that she also has a busy family life. In the end, it is a combination of many different things.

CBS probably would like to see the show pick up at least a small handful of additional viewers at some point. While “Madam Secretary” remains solid in the ratings, we would not exactly say that it is making a killing, either, in the key 18-49 demographic.

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