‘The Fall’ season 2 finale review: Is Jamie Dornan’s story over?

The FallWith Paul Spector behind bars, things are looking pretty bleak for him, Sally and Katie on “The Fall”. Will this be the last season that this series has Paul Spector as a villain? Jamie Dornan is off to become the infamous Christian Grey in the new “Fifty shades of Grey” franchise, so we know his time is becoming more and more limited, but what would “The Fall” be like without him? Let’s see how it all ends tonight.

Even though Paul Spector isn’t talking, Stella is finding mounting evidence against him, including some incriminating videos Katie had on her phone, the shack he had Rose Stagg locked up in (though she’s no longer there now), Katie on video tied up in Paul’s hotel room and Sally confirming that the necklace he gave their daughter was the necklace of a murder victim.

During an interview with Katie, she tells the police a somewhat fabricated version of their relationship: She lied to protect him, but made the relationship into a bit more of a school girl fantasy then it really was, saying they were in love and making up sexual encounters they never had. Even though the detectives call her out as a liar, she still stands by Paul saying that she loves him.

During an interview with Sally, she begins bleeding and is rushed to the hospital. A scan shows that her baby has no heartbeat and because it happened while she was in custody there will be an investigation. They realize though that Sally really doesn’t know anything that could’ve helped them.

Although Paul won’t talk about much in the interrogations, he did call Stella out on sending in a detective that looks like his victims calling it “weak” and says that he will only speak to Stella. After such a huge chase for Paul Spector, we expected him to be harder to crack, but he was very open with Stella and admitted absolutely everything to her. She puts Paul under arrest and asks where Rose Stagg is, and he not only tells her that the interview is over, but that he’s not done yet.

After the arrest, Paul strikes a deal with Stella offering up the location of Rose Stagg and in exchange he wants to see his daughter Olivia and he wants to be present when they find Rose. He apologizes to Olivia and says his goodbyes, then they are off to find Rose. When they get there a detective handcuffs himself to Paul while Stella goes deep into the forest to find Rose. She finds Rose’s car, and Rose is stuffed in the trunk, but is she dead?  No, she’s still alive, but barely. As for Paul, he catches a lucky (or unlucky break) when his old patient (crazy angry Jimmy) shows up and shoots both Paul and the detective Stella is sleeping with. Is Paul going to die?

This was a great finale, lots of intense moments, beautiful performances and compelling layers of story. WE hope that this is not the end of Paul Spector. Episode grade: B+

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