‘Arrow’ season 3, episode 8 review: The brave, the bold, and the Captain Boomerang

Arrow -Wednesday night’s new episode of “Arrow” wrapped up the huge crossover episode between the show and “The Flash,” and for the most part, we would say that the story was extremely rewarding in the process. There was some great action, some drama, and a few surprises in the process.

In the end, though, we’re still going to say that the first part of the crossover was actually better, if for no other reason than that it actually worked to further its overall story more for both Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. The biggest surprise during “The Brave and the Bold” was that Diggle and Lyla were engaged, but that was set up so obviously by all of the reminders that they weren’t married throughout the episode. This was painting the story with a brush the size of one of Slade’s mirakuru guys.

Speaking of Slade, he was mentioned tonight! That is where Harkness, otherwise known as Captain Boomerang, is being held now after he tried to destroy Starling City and nearly killed Lyla in the process. His story was relatively ambiguous, at least in terms of where he came from other than ARGUS. Also ambiguous? Some of the fears about the criminal organization that were established early on in “Corto Maltese.”

Ultimately, the biggest problem with “The Brave and the Bold” may be that it was constructed more for a “Flash” audience than an “Arrow” one. What we mean by that is that given that the former show is drawing better ratings, it feels like this was written to ensure that some viewers unfamiliar with some of the “Arrow” backstory still very much were able to follow along what was going on. Maybe it was effective for them, but to us it felt like about 80% of an “Arrow” episode.

We sound like we are being terribly harsh, but there was a whole lot to like in here. The Cisco dialogue was fun in particular, and it was cool to have many of the regulars incorporated into the story in some way, even if they were sometimes shoehorned in like Laurel and Thea.

Hopefully, there’ll be some more crossovers coming up for both shows, but ones that maybe do not try so hard to color inside of the lines. Grade: B-.

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